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What do we offer to our customers?

The simplest solution to cargo transportation

Cargo insurance

Carriage of goods in any volume and range

Ability to offer the desired price and track the route of your cargo.

Choose the direction that suits you, be informed about the nearest cargo.

Delivery of goods to the address as soon as possible at reasonable prices.

Carry your load with one touch

In the application, you enter the "new load" section, enter information about your load and add your load to the application.

Choose the load you will carry

You can contact the entrepreneur directly by sending your price offer and choose the cargo you will transport.

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About Us

Yük Tender is a mobile application that simplifies the connection between entrepreneur and driver with one touch. Using this program, entrepreneurs will be able to carry out international cargo transportation, communicate with the driver, as well as track the route of cargo through the GPS system. Supported by Windows, iOS and Android operating systems and unique in the industry with this feature, “Yuk Tender” program allows users to add any freight and price offer, find the nearest freight, choose the appropriate route, learn tariffs, and easily carry freight . As a “Yük Tender” family, we are at your service to ensure that your international cargo is delivered to more than 200 countries around the world with fast, reliable and affordable prices!